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Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Pumpkin Patch

How much fun is going to a pumpkin patch!? It is so much fun! Shane and I have never gone to one together before. We heard about a really good one with a little petting zoo and lots of other fun activities for you to enjoy. It was not to far away so we figured we better go and check it out. Plus, we needed a day together to just relax and enjoy the day!

Today, we decided to go. We are so glad that we did. We went to the Turon Pumpkin Patch. It was 6.00$ for each adult. Children two and under were free.

When we first drove up to it we saw tons of cars and were so amazed at how many people were there. Turon is a little town in the middle of NO WHERE! It made us really excited to get in there and see what was going on.

Right when we walk in this cute little barn, that was their gift shop area and also where you purchase the pumpkins, there were tons of people in line waiting to buy their pumpkin. It made us excited to pick out our pumpkin. Also, since this was our first time we did not know how much the pumpkins would be. Would they be more expensive or would they be cheaper? We were trying to ease drop on the person in line purchasing their pumpkin but could never get a good answer.

We continued walking in and there were so many activities: petting zoo, playing on hay bails, swings, fun water games, pumpkin slinging, pumpkin launcher, food (that smelled so good, and tasted good), a huge side coming out of a barn, a hay ride, a spinning ride, picture spots. Everything just added t the experience! We will definitely go there next year!

It will be fun next year letting Amelia pick her own little pumpkin out! She loved drumming on the pumpkins this year! Daddy and I had a blast taking our time and picking our pumpkins out.

My favorite part of the experience was just hanging out with my family! My second favorite part was getting to pick out our pumpkins. That was just a cool, new experience.

It was the perfect day to go to a pumpkin patch too!

This is making me excited for my husband and I to go and pick out our own Christmas tree! 

But back to going to the pumpkin patch . . . here are a few picture we took today.

We were getting so excited because we just arrived!

This is the cure barn.

On the hay ride going to pick out our pumpkins. Amelia was distracted by all of the people on the hay ride, she is truly a people person.

Shane's pick! It is the perfect classic pumpkin. We decided we just wanted to get little to medium pumpkins.

She just wanted to drum on it. It was so cute!

What a sweet Daddy! There is so much sweetness going on in this picture. I love it!

Okay, here is two pea's in a pod!

You can see the hay ride in the back ground.

My little family!

Amelia decided that she wanted to give me a big kiss, and that was perfectly fine with me! She is learning how to give kisses, open-mouthed ones right now. They are adorable! 

The three pumpkins we picked out. I really like mine (the top one) because it is like a washed out orange and will match my homes d├ęcor which is pretty much shabby chic. Amelia's pumpkin is the little white and green one. I really wanted one of the white pumpkins so we picked out a little one for miss Amilly! I can not describe how much fun it was picking out our own pumpkins!

Oh my lands!

We actually made this little are for Amelia to sit up at for pictures because she doesn't sit up for very long by herself yet. I can not get over her dimples!

This super nice woman asked if we would like her to take our picture, I am so grateful she did!

Another little photo shoot for Amelia!
What a fun day it was! I am so blessed by my family!
I would love to hear about your pumpkin patch experiences! Let me know via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Pinterest! I love your comments!

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