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Monday, October 21, 2013

Amelia update!

Amelia is eight months old! Wow! That is almost as long as I was pregnant with her. Where has the time gone? She is full of personality and expresses it through her big smile ( which shows off her cute dimples: her laugh, it is the best sound in the world when she laughs: her excitement to see me when I come home where she kicks her legs and flings her arms: when she grabs my face to give me a big kiss: when she does raspberries on my arm: rolling over: and of course making tons of noises with her mouth! She is truly a gift from God!
Teeth: She just got her first tooth. It is the bottom left tooth. She was a little extra fussy one day, and she wanted to sleep more it seemed like. Then that little tooth just popped through. I am praying that all of her teeth are that easy. Also, the teething bling helped her teeth when she just wanted something to chew on. On a side note, owe! All of the nursing mama's know what I mean!
Movement: She is an expert at rolling from her stomach to her back. However, she just figured out how to roll from her back to her stomach. She is a strong girl! Today she really wanted my necklace so she was using all of the power she had to get to it! She was grabbing my shirt to pull herself up and grab my necklace! I think she will be crawling in no time: she has started learning how to bring her knees up. She actually got on her knees once and rocked a little bit. I think crawling is in our near future.
Clothes: She is wearing 6-9 months and some 12 month clothes. I recommend washing your clothes before hand to see how much they shrink. A bunch of Amelia's 12 month clothes fit her now because they shrunk so much. She is also very long! Cold weather is coming and I can not wait to put cute jackets on her. Jackets may be one of my favorite pieces of baby clothing. I am also loving mixing and matching the patterns in her clothes.
Bath time: She loves bath time! She just kicks and plays and loves it! She has started trying to drink the water in the bath.
Playing with the puppy: She loves her puppy! She thinks Autumn is so funny: she just laughs at her all of the time. Also, she loves to get puppy kisses.
Weight: The last time we had her weighed she was on the 85th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. She is a healthy baby girl!
Eating: She does like to eat cereal, but is mainly still nursing. We started feeding her different types of baby foods to see if she likes them and then will probably just do one for a week to make sure she is not allergic to it. If you are interested in reading more about this I wrote a blog, Here's to New Beginnings all about it. She is a natural eater!

New faces: She has been making new faces lately. I love them so much! Here they are . . .

 This face on the bottom she does whenever she gets excited about seeing something! The face in the top left picture she does all of the time, it is her new look! I am not sure where she got it from.
Things I have been loving for her lately . . .
Her sling-it is wonderful for when I will be holding her for a while somewhere other then home.
Evenflo classic glass nursing bottles- I recommend using glass because plastic has been linked to cancer and contaminants. Here, Evenflo classic nursing bottles are only $6.69 for three bottles. These bottles also fit my manual pump.
My Vera Bradley diaper bag-I have so much stuff in my bag!!! I will have to do a blog and possibly a video for what all is in my bag!
My bouncy seat- What would I do without my bouncy seat? Last weekend I went to a woman's retreat and forgot to bring my bouncy seat. Ahh! Thankfully, I had family there to watch Amelia when I needed them to. I got my bouncy seat as a gift.
A fuzzy Carter's blanket- it is so cuddly and warm!
Aden and Anais blankets- They are perfect for nursing, they are big and they don't make Amelia or I to hot. Plus, they are perfect for when you go somewhere and it is just a little to cold, but not way to cold where you would need a thick blanket.
Bows- I am loving bows for Amelia!
My car seat cover my friend made for me- It is starting to get cold again and a car seat cover is a must living in Kansas with all of it's cold wind!
Bibs- Bibs have become a must have for her whenever she eats. 
New Experiences-We took Amelia to a pumpkin patch and she loved hanging out with her family, looking at all of the people, and animals, swinging (which was another first), and of course playing the drums (aka the pumpkins) for more about our experience read this blog post, First Pumpkin Patch!

Everyday she grows it seems like, I am just soaking in every second. It is a new experience to watch my little baby girl grow up into a little girl. I am so proud of who she is!
I pray that Shane and I raise her like God wants up to, and we ask for His provision!
Next month we will be dedicating her at church, and saying that we will raise her as godly parents and raise her to be a godly woman!
I can not wait to read your comments on Pinterest, Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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