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Monday, September 30, 2013

Student Teaching is Over and I am Back to Being A Wife and A Mama!

I had the best time student teaching. I am so glad that I finally finished my bachelors! It feels so good!I was blessed to be able to do it under two expert-experienced teachers. In total I student taught for 13 weeks. I had six students for most of the time. One student moved about two weeks before I was done teaching. I can not express how much fun I had learning how to be a better teacher. There are so many variables that go into teaching. You are always making modifications to your teaching to make your lessons better. I am thinking about doing subbing, but I am not positive yet. Right now, I am just going to love being a wife to my handsome husband and a mother to my little Amelia and get then have time to get things done around our new home. Yay! I will miss my little kiddos and my coworkers, it was an awesome environment to work in. I am excited to get my life back. I can't wait to go to coffee with my friends again!
The teacher I did my student teaching with surprised me today with a yummy cake, a card that the whole class signed, and a gift: which was a handmade quilted table cloth. It is beautiful! It has beautiful fall colors on it, I will post a pictures of it when I get one!
Here are some of the outfits I wore during my student teaching, and also some of the activities from student teaching.
 This cute board was on my desk in the morning. What an encouragement it was!
I love my new short hair, it is so easy to work with!
This sweet woman brought us some pumpkins from her husbands garden
 so we could give one to all of our students!
This look is a white undershirt with cup sleeves from Charlotte Russe, a tank top dress from Plato's Closet, a half inch tan belt, white linen pants, and tan heels.
I love maxi dresses from Plato's Closet! I also love my denim vest from Foerever 21!
And my cute baby girl!
My hubby and I went on a relaxing walk. The sunset that night was beautiful! I am sorry I did not take a picture of it.
This is a knit black long-sleeve dress, a black and white knit vest,  black leggings, my Fossil necklace from Dillard's, and my charcoal Tom's my husband bought me for Christmas last year.
This look I am wearing my necklace from Dillard's. Dillard's has the best jewelry, it can get expensive so I try to wait for the great sales they have. Around Christmas they usually have amazing sales! I am also wearing my jacket from TJMaxx, a pink tank top dress from Plato's Closet, classic black pants, and stud black and white gladiator sandals. I also had on little pearl earrings, also from Dillard's.
A simple, but professional look is to part your hair on the side and use your straightener to just curl the ends of your hair. It takes two seconds, I love it!
I am wearing a black dress from Target, a black spaghetti strap under shirt, printed grey leggings, and Arturo Chang boots from Dillard's! Arturo Chang boots are my absolute favorite! 
Here I am wearing a pink v-neck shirt, a leaf pattern dress from Ross from when I lived in Scottsdale, AZ, pattern grey tights, a necklace that I found at Plato's Closet, and a tan jacket from TJMaxx, and my Arturo Chang boots. 
This is one of the activities I did. The kids love sticky notes! All week they had to find words that had ae, ee, ai, ay in them to help them understand our spelling words, then we used these words to make a power point on the app educreation. They loved it! Plus in this picture you can see a little strategy to remember how to spell eye: just make it into a cute smiley face!
I wore a white cap sleeve shirt under this long chiffon collard tank top shirt with my tan belt, white wide leg dress pants (these pants actually have vertical blue and orange lines on them), and I wore it with my tan heels.
Confession: I actually got these pants from Wal-Mart. They were five dollars. I have actually really liked them. This grey peplum shirt is one of my favorite shirts! I got it from TJMaxx. This grey tank with lace on it is a great way to add a little vintage pop to your outfit, I also purchased this at TJMaxx. I wore my tan heels (these are different tan heels then I mentioned above) from Charlotte Russe. To top it off I wore my teal and brown necklace from Plato's Closet.
 I curled my short hair for the first time, I really liked it! It was super easy to curl. I got my light wash denim dress/top from TJMaxx and these are my white wide leg pants with my tan necklace and heels.
I call this my prairie dress. I love the look with a dress, leggings, boots, and jacket, and sometimes with a statement necklace, and earrings.
 This look: I wore my Wal-Mart colored pants, grey dress/top from TJMaxx, my leopard jacket, my Fossil necklace, and my Toms! This was the first time I crimped my hair! It was so easy!!!
How sweet is this: the teacher I was studying under bought me a cake, a card that the whole class signed (tear), and she also made me a quilted table cloth that is made of fall colors and patterns, it is beautiful!!! I it something I can have forever! 
Today was my last day of student teaching. I wore a black spaghetti strap under shirt, a black and white dress from Plato's Closet, black leggings, my stud black and white gladiator sandals, my statement necklace from Dillard's, and I was also wearing a striped jacket.

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