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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Second Hand Clothes: Garage Sale and Hand Me Downs

Amelia is getting so big, I can not believe she is fitting into 6-9 months clothes already. I remember like it was yesterday when I would look at even 3 months clothes and think oh it will take her forever before she will fit into that. Thankfully, Amelia got a bunch of clothes from the three baby showers she got! She is also the first grandbaby on both sides so she is taken care of! Aka she is spoiled! Or I like to say she is loved! Not spoiled. She does not have to many clothes from 9 months on. Thankfully, this last week my mother-in-law went to a garage sale and bought two Wal-Mart sized bags for $6! Caching, jack pot! We got some really cute stuff! Also, my in-laws brought  tub of clothes that were all 24 months with some really cute stuff in it too! Wal-Mart is having a great sale on baby clothes right now. I have been their twice recently and could not help but get a couple things.  
Here are some of the clothes that my mother-in-law and I got from the garage sale.

The pile of clothes from the garage sale.

Oshkosh pants, and Carter's long-sleeved onesie and jacket. I love mix matching patterns.

 Carter's Pants and dress!

Carter's cute little dress!

This shirt is from the garage sale, but the denim leggings I already had.

I was so happy to get another yellow outfit because Amelia looks great in yellow. Plus, she just got a cute yellow chevron head band that will look so cute with this onesie!

This little onesie will be perfect for when we go and see Aunt Audrey cheer!

This is so cute and preppy!

These two items are both Carter's. The onesie has pink and white stripes on it.

These two shirts are so ruffly and girly, I love it!

I love this little Carter's dress!

These are all of the clothes from the tub that Rick and Tammy, my mother and father-in-law, brought.

What a cute jacket and pants. Carter's!

She got a bunch of sleep tights and sleep t-shirts. They are so cute!

This is an adorable little outfit!

This outfit is Calvin Klein Jeans. Adorable!

I love polka dots on my baby girl!

I can not wait for her to wear these jeans. They are like little girl boyfriend jeans. I love the bottoms and also the little pockets. : ) To cute!

This is such a cute dress and pants!

Another adorable Calvin Klein Jean shirt! Love!

The pile of everything she got from the tub! So blessed!
This just shows that you can buy adorable, trendy, girls hand me downs and garage sale clothes!
These are the finds I got from Wal-Mart.
Prices ranging from 2.50-4.50. You can not even find nice used
clothes that cheap at thrift stores.

I have only bought a couple things for my baby girl because she hasn't needed anything. I decided it was to much of a great deal to pass up! I only bought clothes that are 12 months because I just know she is going to be wearing them so soon, and she doesn't/didn't have that many 12 month clothes.

What deals are you guys finding right now for your babies?

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