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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mary Kay Party: A Day of Pampering

My beautiful friend Wendy just started selling Mary Kay. It was a privilege to be a part of her 30 day 30 facials challenge. My mom and I both did it, and had a great time! My mom and I both were not really familiar with Mary Kay products, but really liked it. Here are some of the products we used.

I really liked the color and feel of this chap stick. I also really liked their lip stick, it went on so smoothly and I loved the color, Pink Cherie. Aren't her bowls super cute too!

I usually wear black eye liner, but decided to use Mary Kay's brown liner.
It wasn't to harsh and really went well with their gold highlighters and eye shadow.

I used Ivory 4. I was glad that they had a foundation that matched my skin tone. I do not usually put foundation on my whole face, but I tried it today. I like the feel of putting on foundation with a brush. I would probably only wear full on foundation for a special occasion. I usually put foundation on under my eyes, and under and on top of my nose, and on any blemishes I have at the time. Then I put powder foundation everywhere to set the foundation that I did put on and to make sure my moisturizer doesn't make my face look oily. I would like this foundation just to use for when I take pictures or go on a hot date! My mom's foundation looked amazing too! We also liked the concealer. It really brightened our faces.

The make up on the left was the bronzer I used. It had a really nice shimmer to it, it also made the gold highlighter, and gold eyeliner, pop! We were loving the gold tones with our blue eyes. 

Other items I didn't mention that we used were: pink and bronze highlighter pens that we used as eye shadow. A white eye shadow we used as a base on our eyes, face wash for oily skin, toner, make up remover, primer (I would love the primer to really help my make up last all day), moisturizer, hand scrub (It smelled so good, and it felt so good after we washed it off), hand lotion, and mascara (I really liked how easily it went on and how black it was). Mary Kay has so many great products! I recommend them! One thing I really love about Mary Kay is that their products have minerals in them!

Look at my beautiful Momma!!!

Wendy, you are so beautiful! I pray God uses your Mary Kay experience
to bring opportunities for you to share the love of Christ!

If you are interested in purchasing some Mary Kay products it is so easy, just go to Wendy's Mary Kay Page Plus everything you buy has free shipping: so they make great presents for people. Plus, they will be delivered in pretty packaging!
Thank you so much for a great time today Wendy!

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