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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Guest Room, and Some Small Shop Talk

Welcome to my guest room. My favorite room in the house because it is almost always clean! I don't know how you guys function, but I can not style a space unless it is clean. Which means that I usually have to clean before I can style a space, but not in this room. I get to just go straight to the fun stuff, styling it. Which we all know is a bonus because who likes to clean, and who has energy and time to clean and then style a room? Any hands raised? Not this one. Two hands down over here.

It is so hard figuring out what your "style" is. Is my style farmhouse, or boho, or country, or cottage, or etc. There are so many options. All of them so beautiful! I have finally decided that I don't think I am one particular style. I am who I want to be. Oh wait, back to home décor. My style is what I want it to be. I only have things in my home that I truly love. This is going to sound weird, but if I look at a piece of home décor and it doesn't bring me some type of joy then it has to go. It is just a rule of thumb for me because you guys already know that I carry the hoarding gene! Yikes! If you only have items in your home that you love, then it is pretty impossible to create a space that doesn't scream you, and therefore it is almost impossible to create a space that you don't enjoy.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I hope that you don't feel trapped in a bubble when it comes to your home décor. I hope that you feel free to try new styles out and figure out if you love it or not. Or maybe you live in a home where you were trying your style out and you didn't exactly know what your style was so you have a little bit of everything and you just really don't enjoy your home. I am giving you permission to get rid of things in your home that you don't love! Do it! You will seriously not regret it. In the last couple years we have moved about three times and I truly had to purge everything I didn't love. Moving made me do it, and I am so grateful for that because it has allowed me to create spaces I really enjoy in my home.

In this guest room I wanted to use a lot of architectural pieces, I just think they add a lot of interest to a space. Then to bring a softness to the room I incorporated a lot of cozy textures like comforters, shabby pillows, fringe blankets, another soft blanket, plush white rug, and some new fluffy pillows. I chose to stick with a dulled color pallet with lots of bright whites, soft greens and soft blues. Then I added a few pops of brown to bring some contrast to the space. These are all things I love to use in my home. I think that this combo of décor creates a cozy and inviting room for my guests.

Having guests in my home is what truly brings me joy! I am so glad my parents are in town this week to enjoy this room! And, you always know you have a place to stay if you need one when you visit Indiana.

I have some small shops that I want to share with you that I was able to incorporate in this blog post.

To start with do you see this adorable embroidered farmhouse pillow? It has an Sfor Shane, and an A for Adele. I have been looking like crazy for a pillow that I could keep forever that represents Shane and I so when I came across this one from Returning Grace I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. In her shop she has a ton of pillow designs, tea towels, banners, bags, and even some wood workings. It is a beautiful shop, if you get a minute to check their shop out I don't think you would regret it.

Umm . . . you have not slept until you have used one of these SOMNOS blankets. I will link their Instagram page here SOMNOS SLEEP so you can go and check them out. This is their weighted blanket and it makes you sleep so deeply and you wake up so refreshed.

If you are in the market for a new fall or winter candle you have to check out Maureen's Zuzuglow candles. You will not be disappointed. They smell amazing and she has some sense that I have never smelled before and they smell so good.

I love supporting small shops! I know you are all wondering where this pumpkin spice pillow is from because it is just way too perfect for fall! It is from my friend Anna Rose Wood Cottage Creations I have linked her Instagram feed, but if you click on the link in her bio it will take you to her shop. If you use the coupon code HOMECHRONICLES10 you will get 10% off of your order. Update* she is having a 20% sale now if you click the link in her bio!

Last shop of the day is Annette from Neutral by Design this hanging Stay Awhile sign is from her. I love her shop!! Go check it out if you are looking for a great Christmas gift!

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