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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Instagram Photo Real

Hey guys! How exciting are the Olympics right now? I love watching the gymnastics and the volleyball sections! I feel so bad for the guy that broke his leg. I can't even imagine what he is feeling right now. On a completely different note I want to tell you guys that I have been loving Instagram lately. I love it way more then Facebookright now. I feel like Instagram actually gives my posts a fighting chance where as with Facebook I feel like selectively shares my posts. Instagram also has an amazing community! I'm serious these ladies and a few gentlemen are the most encouraging people I have ever met! I finally found my niche guys! You always read about other successful bloggers that talk about how they finally made it at blogging when they find their niche. And at the time when I was reading about it I didn't really understand what they were talking about until I experienced it. Home decor and home DIY's are my niche, and they are my favorite things to do!! Funny how that worked! I tried my hand at being a mommy blogger and I loved it I just never hit a stride with it. Now that I have been blogging about home decor I feel like I am getting a lot more movement. This is true especially on Instagram. Home decor is definitely my niche and I am loving it! That being said I still share things about being a mommy and a wife, but my main focus is now on being a homemaker. I am sharing this to encourage you guys if you are a blogger or an Instagramer, facebooker, or pinterester keep posting your stuff and maybe try out some different niches if you feel like you aren't moving at all, and I'm sure it will work out for you!! And also, keep loving posting blogs and posting on your social media. Consistency is the key! Since I've shared quite a bit about Instagram I wondered if you might let me share some of my favorite Instagram photos with you. Here is a link if you would like to follow my Instagram story or check out some more of my posts. I also announced some exciting news on my Instagram a couple days ago! http://www.instagram.com/homechronicles 

There they are! I would love it if you guys hopped over to my Instagram account and told me hi! Let me know you are there from my blog! http://www.instagram.com/homechronicles



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