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Monday, August 22, 2016

Here Comes the Moving Van

Guys this is crazy!! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you already know that we have sold out home and moved to Indiana! This whole process has been to much for me to process, but it has been so wonderful at the same time. 

Shane accepted a position in youth ministry here in Indiana at Westfield Friends church. We came down here in June to interview for the job where they hired us on the spot! This whole process has been so smooth. Our home sold in three days, we had a bunch of help moving (both moving out of Booker and into Indiana). Everything has just been working out which we know can only be Gods provision. We truly feel blessed! The last step is finding a home in Westfield or a surrounding town. We are going house hunting today so I know we can put a check by that last step soon! 

I can't wait to have our home here! But I feel like I need to up my home decor style here. Everything is so fancy here, I love it!! I feel like I am in the farm version of Scottsdale, it is perfection! By the way I am writing this posts at Einstein's Bros bagels. Just one of the many restaurants I missed while living "in the middle of know where!" And when I am done here I am going to go check out Home Goods and World Market! This is the life! Seriously guys, I feel so blessed. 

I thought it would be fun if I share some of our photos from our first week here!! We have been living it up because we have been in denial of civilization for awhile. 

This home wasn't perfect but we invested a lot of time and money into it to make it ours, and we loved it. We were crazy buying a home five months before we moved. But we know we flipped this home so we can afford to buy a home here in Indiana. 

There is a Shadeland here in Indiana. My family calls Shane and I Shadele because we are one! It was a special thing to see on the drive. 

We were cramped big time in the van with all three of us and the two dogs. We made it though! 

I'm sharing this photo I just put on Instagram because I just saw not one but two awesome farmers markets here!! Eeeh!!!

Hello we need to start a new workout program because we have been eating quite a lot!


This handsome guy loves to try sampler plates at new restaurants. This is Big Houffas a bbq joint. We will definitely go back there, it was amazing! And literally this restaurant is connected to an antique mall! Double bonus! You get your man happy with going to eat and when he has a full belly you say oh can we go check out the antiques!? It worked like a dream! 

Amelia has been doing amazing! We have been commuting from Shane's parents house where we are living right now to Westfield which is an hour and fifteen minutes drive. She has been a trouper! Here we are at the realtors office. 

Cutie alert!! This is a different restaurant in downtown Noblesville (the town right next to Westfield) It is called the Copper Still and do I even have to say how amazing it was!! It was delicious! Their portions are huge! I think it would be a perfect spot to go to lunch at and split a meal with the hubbs! Plus there are a couple antique shops right next to it. I am hoping to check out the antique shops today! 

Do you see how happy he is right now!! I love it! 

Pulled pork nachos appetizer. See isn't that a huge portion! 

We had our first Sunday service yesterday and we really enjoyed getting to meet a bunch of the congregation. I can't wait to get to know everyone and to live here so we can go to lunch with people and start to make friends. 

I hope you guys have a great day!









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