Monday, April 4, 2016

Amelia's Room

While we are in the transition period about to pack everything up and move into our new home I still have a few posts I want to share with you guys from the house we are currently living in. It is always fun for me to get to decorate my house and make it feel like a home. I especially love that my little munchkin, 3 year old girl, watches me work and build our home. She always without a doubt tells me, "that's cute!" I love it! 

Just yesterday I was staging the new house for our appraisal (pics coming) and she grabs one of my new items and says again, "that's cute!" It melts me. 

So I had some fun and changed up Amelia's room a little bit. I added some items I bought and some that I made. Check out the bottom of this post for one of the items I made. I changed up her room because I wanted to make it a little bit more girly rather then baby girlish. I really wanted a space for her to be able to come and spend some good time with her friends. For example, I incorporated chalkboards so that her and her friends could get creative. Another thing I wanted was a big open area so they could grab all of the basket of toys and just dump them all out. And it happens every time! Thankfully we have great friends that always help us clean up before they leave. I also wanted to incorporate a couple things that would make this desk area really personal to Amelia. Something to  reflect her and who she is. So I added the 3B because she is three and her last name is Brown. I found the cutest vintage bingo cards at one of my favorite antique malls and they say Milly on it. Milly, is one of my favorite nicknames we have for her. 

Anyhow, here is her room! 

I have had this thing for green moss lately. It is just adds so much to a space when you add pops of green. Green is one of the only colors besides neutrals that I actually use in my decor color scheme. And if you have seen any of my living room decor lately you can guess I have been obsessed with the & signs. So I had to put the two together and add it to Amelia's little desk area. I think it adds so much to the space, too.

This & sign was $1.97 from Walmart and the moss was around $3 at Walmart. So, it is pretty inexpensive. I still have quite a bit of moss left for another project, too.

Just get some of the moss out of the bag and ready to put on your sign. Then hot glue an area and put the moss onto it. 

Work in patches at a time so you can make sure you are gluing all of the moss down.

Just keep gluing and putting the moss on making sure you cover the edges. Slowly but surely it starts to all come together.

And voila! You could do this with letters, too! 

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