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Sunday, March 27, 2016

DIY Wood Knob Disc Hanger

Guys, how in the world is in March already. Where did February go? I guess February flew by with throwing Amelia's birthday parties (pictures and tutorials coming), and we had a couple fundraisers for our youth group, and of course I made time for a few home projects! I bought a ton of knobs for another project that fell through, it was a bust, so I ended up with some really cool knobs that I got to be creative with. I am all about having decor that is actually usable, but still adorable! I went to the Home Lumber store because I needed to get some new railing for our bed. 

Let me stop and tell you that I have really been wanting some wood discs! Let me back track for a second and tell you that I even drove around town like a crazy lady before I found the perfect circular piece of wood. As I was driving around town I ran into a guy from our church and  I asked him, "hey do you happen to have any circular pieces of wood" and he graciously let me have it, I was definitely determined to get the perfect discs! And all of my effort paid off! I brought the wood with me and The Home Lumber guy that cut the railings for our bed cut a bunch of discs for me too. 

So now I have a bunch of wood discs and some cute knobs, and I have been needing some new hangers for Amelia's room. She just got a new little robe and didn't have anywhere to hang it. So I figured I would see if I could make some wood disc hangers. I wasn't sure that the wood discs would be thick enough for the screw that comes with the knobs but thankfully I found three of them that fit perfectly. 

So I grabbed my three wood discs, my screw driver, and the knobs.

I love the mismatched styles between the natural wood and the more sophisticated knobs. 

To help you get started screwing your screw in I recommend hammering your screw into the wood a little bit. The wood is actually pretty hard to screw. So be careful not to hurt yourself in this step. I ended up enjoying the challenged, and I felt like I had really conquered a big task when I finished screwing it in.  

Once your screw is in then you can twist on your knob. Then all you have to do is add some type of back hanger, and it will be ready to hang up!

I love how the crisp white and the texture of the wood really pop together.

Amelia loves it when I change up her room. She always notices if I change anything. And she always tells me, "Mom it looks so pretty!", she is so encouraging!

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