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Saturday, November 14, 2015

5 Date Night Ideas! Country Style!

I always talk about how family time is my favorite time. It really is! I love spending time with my immediate and mediate family. I just know family is forever and I want to make those relationships strong to last. However, my most important relationship is with my husband, Shane. One thing we do to keep our relationship strong is to spend time together. That doesn't always mean getting dressed to the nines and going to a fancy dinner. Although I absolutely love those dates! Dates can be challenging. They can be extra challenging when you are living in the middle of nowhere and you have limited resources, and limited places you can go to. But, that makes dating extra meaningful here because you know the person planning it had to get creative and really think about it.

Now that we are finally settled into our home here and Amelia is settled in we feel like it is time to get serious about our dating life (with each other). I thought to help the process I would come up with a few dates we could do so that when we finally go on a date we aren't stuck saying, "so what do you want to do?" back and forth to each other wasting our precious date time. Plus, while we are visiting family or when they come and visit us for the holidays I just know we will be able to slip away and go on a date! Some of these dates are simple and some of them are more extravagant.

Here go's for the dates . . . 

1) We have a couple in our church that own a couple of horses and I think it would be so fun to go horse back riding with each other and then have a picnic! That just screams quality time together, and I could see that date allowing us to have some great conversations.

2) I have been dreaming about a date at home. One where we can cook a tasty meal together. A meal that wouldn't take very long, but still taste really good. Then I want to make Shane a movie date basket. One with all of his favorite snacks and one with all of my favorite snacks and some homemade popcorn! I have been loving homemade popcorn lately! Then we can snuggle on the couch with our new throw blankets and pillows and watch a classic movie. This date just sounds so relaxing and watching a movie without having to pause it for a toddler sounds dreamy!

3) So, if we were feeling like we are wanting to be competitive, and flirty. Because he is a basketball stud, and I love to be competitive. We could go to our churches gym that we oversee and play a game of P.I.G. (the basketball game) That would probably work up our appetites so we could go to dinner and a movie. Thankfully there is a cute little movie theater about 10 miles away.

4) If you are blessed and get to go on what I like to call a "date day" this would be a great option. This would be the best date! If we could have my parents watch Amelia over night Shane and I could go to one of the bigger cities around us and go to Sky Zone Sports! Have you guys heard of it? It looks like so much fun! I actually found this awesome website, http://anncoupons.com/ that is just full of coupons for the Sky Zone Sports http://anncoupons.com/entertainmentcoupons/item/skyzonesportscoupons. Shane could get a student deal coupon where he could go for $10 and I could get a coupon deal for unlimited jumping for $20. Or actually they have a BOGO coupon so Amelia could come for the same price. I am going to keep this place in mind for Shane's next birthday party because they have a birthday and special event coupon, too! (The http://anncoupons.com/ site has a ton of other coupons. Like for the zoo, restaurants, auto shops, department stores, etc. And they have the coupons for a ton of different areas.)

5) Another date option could be to go to a surrounding bigger city and go eat lunch, then go shopping, then go to Starbucks, then go shopping again, then go to see a movie, and then go to dinner! That would be my perfect date! The hubbin could take one for the team! This was actually what we did about a week ago except it was a family date and little Mills got to come along with us. When we do this date I am definitely going to check anncoupons.com to see what coupons we can use.

I love dating my husband and getting to spend time with him. Dating is important to us because it helps us to keep our spark like we had before we got married, and it is also a place where we can talk about things in our lives to help us grow as individuals and as a couple.If you guys have any other great date ideas let me know!

*This is a sponsored post by anncoupon.com however all ideas, observations, and opinions (as always!) are my own!

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