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Monday, July 20, 2015

We Moved to Texas Y'all!!

You guys, we moved to Texas! I am so excited to tell you guys that Shane accepted a youth pastor position at Booker Friends church in Booker Texas. It is right on the pan handle. From Haviland to Booker we went from Kansas to Oklahoma to Texas all in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Shane and I are so excited to start our lives in ministry. Shane just graduated with his master's degree and he is excited to put into action what he has been learning all of these years. I am excited to love on the kids in Booker, and play games with them, and cook for them! We have been here for almost three weeks now and we are loving it!

We are still looking for a place to live. Thankfully, a great couple in the church is letting us live with them until we find a place of our own. We are looking at a house right now that we want to buy and upgrade. We also have a rental available, but we would rather buy if it works out. There are not very many homes for sale or for rent because the oil industry has kind of taken over since oil is just flowing out here! So, you guys can throw up a prayer for us that we get this house that we want.

Booker has several bigger towns around it about an hour away. There is a town that's a 12 minute drive, Perryton. It has quite the variety of place you can eat at, shop at, a movie theater, and they even have a water park! I know Shane and I are excited that Perryton is pretty close to us so we have more options since Haviland was so far away from anything.

I just wanted to give you guys an update!!

Why hello!

She can not have a ponytail that long and full already can she!?

We made it into the paper!

Amelia's worshiping in the car! She love's praising Jesus.

We take the kids as an outreach to the water park every Wednesday.

We went to the movie theater! Amelia did really good and sat through the movie.
Of course popcorn, candy, and ice helped!

We went to the grocery store and they have the prettiest flowers.
A bunch of these carnations are only $5.
So when we get our own house I am definitely grabbing a bunch of flowers
for our table!

They do have a couple options for food, and a coffee shop here in Booker which is great!
This is from the local diner. The cutest little restaurant. It is connected to the grocery store.
I asked the waitress what dressings they had for the salad and she said, "basically whatever they carry
in the grocery store we can just go and grab one." That's convenient!

This is from the rental home we are looking at.

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