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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Planning Rough draft:Amelia's Second Birthday Pary

Here are my Pinterest inspirations that I have in mind.

I know that I want to incorporate gold into her birthday, and flowers, and just things that have a little girly feel to them.

The little comments under the picture is a little tip for myself as to what the picture is inspiring me to do!

Little apple pies in the chevron bags.

This would be really cute decoration on the front porch. Or even as a part of the center piece.

I actually just made these bags, I still need to decorate them, but
I am pretty happy with how they turned out, and I have a blog post coming
on how to make them! : )

This would be adorable on a cake platter,
and then put the cupcakes around it/on top of it. I am not sure if this will make the final cut, but
it is a cute idea.

LOVE the cake pops upside down with the ribbon tied on the stem.
I also really like this color scheme.

I have some little containers that would be cute
if I did something like this.

This would be so easy to recreate,
and it would be cute to put in Amelia's room after.
I am loving the pops of gold lately!

I think I will just make sugar cookies shaped as flowers,
and then I will make some ombre frosting colors to match the
cake and cupcakes.

How cool is this as a back drop! Now, I just need to see if I can
find some crepe paper!

Gah! Who doesn't love funnel cake, and I am sure they
are fairly simple to make, and they look so stinking cute!

I think I am going to make some garland like this, except I am going to make chiffon flowers.

This would be really cute for her invitations!

I think I am going to hang some lights on our front porch to add a fun and shabby effect!

I plan on writing love like this on a wood piece I painted.
I am not sure about the foot prints yet, but that would be cute!

This would be cute on the present table, but I think I am going to
put it in her cake.

I made these as hearts, flowers, dots, and rabbits!

Yum! And beautiful!

Iam going to make these except I am going to dip them in chocolate!!!

How fun would this be on the table!

I made a big one of these, and I am planning on making more of them today, and
using them as the centerpiece and I am going to use it to tie all of my colors together.
I am having her party on Saturday February 7th, but her birthday is February 8th!
I love party planning!

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