Monday, September 15, 2014

My "Swag Bag"

Hey everybody, I hope that you all had a great Labor Day weekend, and got to have a nice break with your family! I went to Camp Quaker Haven for Family Camp there. My parent's were actually the speakers for the event, and most of my family got to come. It was really a great time!

Have you guys ever been given a party favor!? What if you could pick out what you got in it!?

Well, I was tagged by the beautiful Mama, Valerie, who told us what she wants in her swag bag for her "trip" to Ireland! See what is in her Swag Bag here! Valerie also is amazing and runs a facebook group called Mommy Bloggers LIKE Swap!

Here is what I would want to get in my party swag bag!

1. A Book
I would pick the Bible because right now that is the only book I have been reading, and lets face it, it is the greatest "book" out there!   

2. Beauty Product
This is hard to just choose one! But, I would probably choose my mascara. I use Maybelline, in Blackest Black. My eyelashes are invisible because they are so blond, so whenever I don't wear mascara people always ask me if I am sick. I guess I might pick the Mac mascara because I have heard great things about it and would love to try it!

3. A Snack Food
I would choose some chocolate covered coffee beans! Have you tried them!? They are so good! I used to eat them all of the time when I was in middle school and high school.

4. Music
I would choose Francesca Battistelli and more specifically I would choose her song, "Forever Love" because it is the song I walked down the isle to when I married my hubby bear, Shane! I had my friend Faith, is an amazing singer, and my friend Elisha play the piano and sing also. She is so anointed whenever she plays the piano and sings, I love it! It is such a special memory from my wedding for me.

5. My Free Choice Item
Hands down this is such an easy choice, I would choose an ipad air because I really really really want one! Plus, who wouldn't love to see this in their swag bag!?

Now it is time for me to tag the next blogger to share her "swag bag!"

I am going to pick my college friend, Paige, she just started a new blog! How exciting! I went and binge read all of her posts from her new blog and you should go and binge read them too. Her blog is paigeofeverything.wordpress.com

I can't wait to read what she picks to put into her "swag bag"!

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