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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion Friday Part 1: Moxie Jean Review

Moxie Jean asked me if I would like to become an ambassador for them! Oh course I said yes right away! I love Moxie Jean! This is my first time actually getting something. I have looked and dreamed about getting items many times before. 

Moxie Jean is an online consignment store for babies and children. Real moms like you and me send in good clothes that maybe your child grew out of or maybe it just isn't your style. Then Moxie Jean takes the clothes you sent in, takes great pictures of them, and puts them up on their site moxiejean.com where everybody can see them and go shopping! 

For me personally, shopping is one of my favorite things to do. However, it usually takes a lot of money, time, energy, and for me shopping these days involves traveling! 

Moxie Jean has made it so easy for me to get great (used and some with tags still on them) clothes for a reduced price. It is so easy and fun to scroll through and find new clothes for Amelia. They make it so easy to the point where you can search by what brand, size, style you are looking for, by season, clearance, clothes with tags still on them, look books, outfits, tops, bottoms, and even shoes. 

They have sale clothes! Talk about super cute and cheap! I saw some great winter sale clothes that I can buy now for super cheap and have them for Amelia's winter wardrobe for next winter for at least half of the price. 

Even though they reduce the price they inspect the clothes to make sure you are getting a great quality piece. 

My Moxie Jean box arrived today and I was so excited to see the clothes I got for Amelia. 

They sent me one dress, two shirts (one long sleeved and one short-sleeved), a onesie, a pair of short, and a pair of jeggings. All of that was for $29.47! So basically I got a huge chunk of Amelia's summer wardrobe for under $30!

Picture Walk
What they sent me. 

Brand: First Impressions
It has adorable detail lace on it!

Brand: Sonoma 
Can you see the cute little butterflies on the right side? I love the color of this shirt. 

Brand: Perfect for a Princess PLACE
It is a really light cotton, and I love the print on it. 

Brand: Old Navy
I adore this print and I especially love the pop of salmon in it. I ended up already having Old Navy shoes that match this onesie really well.

Brand: Nautica
These are so versatile! 

Brand: Children's Place
Every baby must have jeggings because they are simply the cutest!

So these are good high-quality brand name clothes. I got six items for under $30.

Here is how I styled the pieces.

Thank you Moxie Jean for sending me these clothes so that I could experience what it is like shopping from your website and write a review, it has been a great experience.

*I was compensated for this review but all options are my own. All pictures are my own. 

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