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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adele's February Favorites

I am finally getting in the groove of making videos. I am excited to see where video making takes me and my blog. I want to start making videos because I feel that it makes my blog more personable. At least in my experience in reading blogs I appreciate when they have at least some videos that I can watch to get in touch with who they really are: how they talk, what they sound like, I just feel like it a makes the blog so much more real to the blogger.

 I hope you guys appreciate my vlogs and they help you get to know me better!

Before I get to the video I have to tell you that my February favorite (beyond favorite) is definitely my daughter Amelia! She was born on February 8th at 4:04pm. I am working on getting a blog up all about her birthday.

Sorry I filmed it in two parts. My camera's storage was full. I couldn't find any good apps on my iphone or PC to merge the videos together. If you know of any please do tell.


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