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Friday, January 3, 2014

Picture Walk: November and December

The first snow in our back yard

The Haviland water tower (Home Sweet Home)

Amelia hardly ever falls asleep on me. So, I just had to capture
the moment and share it with you guys.

Ha, silly puppy! She is in the baby bouncer with Amelia rattle
that you can faintly see. She is so soft and beautiful!

I have really enjoyed this Julep nail polish. It actually peels
off, and that is what I like about it the most because I
don't have to use fingernail polish remover to get it off. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I love love love lighting new candles! they smell so fresh, and make my house feel so homey.

Again, she fell asleep on me. Ahh I am melting from all of the cuddles: they warm my heart.

Once I ended up putting her to bed I had to take a quick picture
of her because I almost never get pictures of her while she is sleeping because if I try to
stealthily open the door she always wakes up! I had to seize the moment while I could.

My little (19 year old) sister came home for Christmas vacation after
she successfully finished her first semester of college. I am so proud of her.
She is the smartest person I know, and is getting smarter even though I didn't know it was possible for her.
I mean seriously, this child (again 19 year old child) got a 105 on her Biology test-in college!
God has big plans for her!

I went to my friends baby shower for her sweet baby boy. I forgot to by a card. Have you
ever just cut off a nice rectangle and made it into your card? I think it looks super cute too!
I love dressing up a bag.

My little Milly Moo is getting so agile. This was her very first time pulling herself up.
She was a little wobbly then, but is catching the hang of it now.
My little baby is growing up. It is so fun watching her develop, but I can
hardly believe that she is pulling herself up now.

Look at God's beautiful creation. Kansas truly has the pretties sun rises and sun sets, they make me speechless. I could look at this all day.

Autumn is growing up too. She is getting so big. My mom sent me a pictures of our little
puppies from just a month ago and I can hardly remember how little she was already. She is
fun to have around the house.

I threw this picture in the mix because it is a SnapChat. I just downloaded the app not to long
ago and have really enjoyed SnapChatting my friends. It has really given me a way to just say a quick
hello to my friends that do not live close to me. It has really been handy to catch up with my sister through SnapChat with my sister when she is away at college. Also, I am wearing plaid in the picture and am seriously loving plaid these days for the cold winter season. Am I drinking the Kansas koolaid!?

This is making my mouth water! We went over to my parents house to eat dinner
and play games. This is what my dad grilled. We also ate cooked vegetables from the grill and rice.

I made little goodie bags for the boys at my husband work. He works at a boys achievement place where
kids ages 12-18 or so come to get away from a bad situation or were court appointed there.

I made some yummy cookies. Do the cold winter months make you
want to bake as much as they does me? I can out of brown sugar so I substituted
powdered sugar for the brown sugar and it made the cookies
really light. I liked them!

This is the peanut butter cake and the peanut butter fudge frosting.
It is my husband favorite and we just celebrated our second year anniversary
so I surprised him with it. He also surprised me with my favorite treat, Lindt chocolate.
I had a wonderful November and December already and Christmas is just around the corner, which is my favorite holiday.
Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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