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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amelia's First Birthday Preparations

The Second Step in My Party Planning

Hi everybody, this is a blog post about how crazy I am driving myself over getting Amelia's first birthday party planned out. And, I am also loving every second of it!

I have learned over time, from throwing little parties here and there, that it helps me so much if I can plan everything out.

I know some people have an amazing gift of being able to just visualize everything and throw it together.

I however, do not have that gift. I can have an idea of what I want to do in my mind, but when it comes to doing everything and making it look like it does in my mind that is a ton harder for me.

So, I like to get all of my ideas onto paper (or in a note on my phone), and then get inspiration for my ideas (aka Pinterest) and then before the party I like to get everything together before hand (like all of the materials I need for each project or food) and lay everything out step by step.

I have most of my ideas on paper and have now been searching like crazy for pictures or tutorials on how to accomplish my goals.

Here are a few of the inspirations I have so far.

Under every picture I will just explain what I like about it. Another tid bit, I am thinking about doing a "Cute as a Button" theme. I am not sold on it yet and may just end up doing a non-theme just girly party.

The over all feeling of this party picture

The small tag on the bottles on the lower left picture

The array of candy for the goodie bags in the clear jars

I would love to do this with A-M-E-L-I-A

Love the shape of the banner flags and the fragile string holding it

Yummy yummy fruit dip (I am thinking I will actually do some type of strawberry:
either chocolate covered strawberries, or strawberries with fruit dip)

This would make a great quote for my chalkboard. Except I would say, "She knows that . . ."

How cute is this flag in the doughnuts!

Love this idea of using these cute jars, and love the
vintage feel these straws with the flags on them gives.
Chocolate milk isn't a bad idea either.

I made her invitations and will do a blog specifically on them,
but I really think this is such a cute idea!

"Cute as a Button" I definitely will be doing hanging tissue balls and a chalkboard

Homemade button cookies, and the vintage feel the cake gives. I have a
cake holder somewhat like this one and will definitely be using it!

It makes the cake stand look like a little button!
Little edible buttons on the cake.

I love this idea of just tipping over a bucket and using it as the cake holder outside.
I have a red bucket kind of like this and may just have to use this idea.

cute little cupcakes. I have some white holders like the one in the
top left picture and never would have thought about making a cupcake in it, I will
definitely have to try that.

This is just overall sweetness! I made some little circle embroidery holders for
her room, and it is a good idea to bring those out and maybe put them
on the wall or somewhere, I think it makes it feel more personal.

I love the little streamers.

I love this vintage high chair. I have one for Amelia that is red.

Making my own banner!

Love the cake flags, and the 1 in front of the cake.

How cute it this! Making your own little edible buttons!

Homemade cheese-its!

I love doing fruit water, and will definitely have
some at Amillymoo's birthday party.

If you have any questions regarding what I like about the rest of the picture please feel free to ask me! For the links to most of these pictures go to my Pinterest board Amelia's First Birthday.
Her birthday is right around the corner.
I can feel it creeping up on me.
I know that day is going to be filled with tears: sad tears that my baby girl is growing up, but many happy tears because my baby girl is healthy and growing up so beautifully!

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