Thursday, October 10, 2013

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My mom came over tonight to hang out with me. In my family we kind of have a "rule"- whenever you invite someone over you should have food! Having food just makes the other person more comfortable. Plus, it is a nice gesture to offer someone food. I like whenever I go somewhere to get a little treat of they have something prepared. Tonight, I made some chocolate covered strawberries.

Earlier today I cut the green leaves off of the strawberries and washed them and used some of the strawberries in my green smoothie and then set the rest of them on a paper towel and put a paper towel on top of them to get them really nice and dry. I let them sit like that for awhile. You need your strawberries to be dry so the chocolate sticks on them.

I used one of the vanilla bark chunks, I just broke off three of the cubes.

I melted the cubes for like a minute and it was already melted.

Then I rolled a strawberry all around in the chocolate until it had a rich layer on it, and did that for every strawberry.

Then I put it on my plate to dry.

When my mom came over I had them to share with her!

They were delicious! And you are getting a fruit serving. That is what I tell myself to justify eating them!

Here is a picture walk of the directions!

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