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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

How good does it feel to get fresh makeup!? I love it! I just ran out of two musts in my makeup regimen. My L'Oreal powder foundation in warm chaud. Another one is my Maybelline BIG mascara.

The L'Oreal foundation powders gives enough coverage to block any oils without hiding my freckles. I feel like my freckles are a big part of who I am so I do not want to cover them up. With out my L'Oreal powder foundation I would be a glowing head: and not in a good way!

The Maybelline BIG mascara goes on so nicely and doesn't run during the day, and I love the brush it reaches all of my eye lashes where I want it to. It really does live up to its name by making my eyelashes BIG! My eyelashes are very clear! You can barely see them when you are looking for them. So, mascara is a must for me. Whenever I do not wear mascara, every time, people always ask me, "are you okay, you look tired?" That is a real uplifting question that I love being asked and by loved I mean dislike! Why people even ask that question is beyond me, I mean sometimes yeah I might be really tired but I don't want to hear about and the other times I probably just didn't have time or didn't want to put on mascara and feel great! Either way that just seems like a bad question to ask.

I have completely accepted that I am very white! I love it because it is me, and that is how God made me, and I am beautifully made in His image, and so are you!

That being said I am from Scottsdale, AZ where I used to go to the pool almost everyday! Did I tan? Nope! Did I get freckles? I sure did! I love my freckles: they are a little part of what makes me, me! I love when someone comes up to me and says, "did you know freckles are little angel kisses!?"

One day my friends my friends and I were" laying out" by the pool. Notice I call it laying out and not tanning because I don't tan! I need to tell you I always wear a tankini swimming suit not because I am not confident in my own skin just because I want to be modest. So on this particular day my friends and I were going to try to tan our bellies. We laid out there in the Arizona sun, in the afternoon for three hours! My friends were getting a nice tanning glow, I did not get so much as a freckle! This is actually when we started calling it "laying out." Bring really white is just who I am and I have fully embrased it.

I do like to add color to my to make it warmer by using makeup.

I had a sweet baby girl eight months ago. My body is still trying to get in shape. I was so sick during my pregnancy (if you are interested in my pregnancy story I wrote a blog all about it: Toxemia: My Pregnancy Story) that after I had her I weighed 2lbs lighter then I did before I was pregnant. However, during my pregnancy I started some bad eating habits. I ate whatever I could keep down which happened to be fries foods. Not my proudest moment but I had to eat something. Well through the last eight months I have tries really hard to keep a clean diet which is hard because I am trying to brake the habits I made. I have actually gained weight since I had her.

Plus, I feel like my hormones add a lot to my weight either gaining or loosing and I think they are still trying to work themselves out.

This is a picture I took yesterday. I actually bought these pants two days ago because I needed some new pants that I could feel good in.

I am happy with my body right now, but I do still want to get in a good work out regimen so I feel even better!

I think I am going to start doing baby yoga poses. I will try to do a post on them soon. In the mean time I encourage you mamas to appreciate your body because it is beautiful and it has been through a lot and you deserve to feel good about yourselves! I will be right there with you doing the same!

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If you want to read about the nail polish and why I bought it, I wrote a blog about it A Little Somethin Somethin.

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