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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Make-up: My World

 Pixi's Tinted Brilliance Balm is amazing!!! I love it! I love the color Radiant Rose. It is the perfect pink for me. It isn't to pink like I am in junior high and it isn't to dark either it is the perfect color. You have to try it! It stays on for so long. I seriously put in on in the morning around 7:00 before I go to student teach and when I come home around 4:00 I can still see it on my lips. That is what I call a good lip stick. Plus it is still moisturized so it isn't just a lip stain that stains your lips and leaves them looking chapped. It goes on so smoothly and only takes a little bit. If you want to see how I put it on you can watch a video I did here, it is towards the end of the vlog.

Here are a couple different looks I have worn with it.

Here, I was getting ready to take a walk with my hubby and
then play intramural flag football. 

I wore this look to go student teach last week.
Also, this was my first time curling my short hair.

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