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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Amberleaf Trail

Hey friends!

We are finally starting to feel settled into our new home, and it feels so good! Even though we are feeling settled we still have a lot to do. Let the projects begin! There are plate walls that need to be put together, rooms that need some new furniture and to be set up, a dining room that needs a dining table, a sun room that needs a table and bench, and lots of other fun stuff. Thankfully, I am feeling settled into our home and into our new neighborhood. Everyone is so kind and friendly, and helpful in our new neighborhood. We feel like our neighborhood is the best kept secret. 

As I start researching and looking at what I want to do with our new house, I catch myself looking at what I have done in the past. It has been inspiring me to use the pieces I already have, and is reminding me of creative ideas I have done and could do again in this house. So I’m remembering to shop my home. 

However, you know, every home is different and has different spaces that need different furniture to fit the space. Of course, you guys know I love a good diy, or a good thrift store find! So I am going to be on the hunt the next couple months! Woohoo! 

Some of the spaces are decorated, maybe not completely decorated like I have in my mind. 

I did recently spend some time and resources on our kitchen. I have learned about myself that if I don’t like how a room feels I just won’t spend time in it. Obviously the kitchen is a place that I need to love so I can spend lots of time in it cooking for my family.  I decided to shop my house and make my kitchen a priority. I grabbed some vases and greenery for the window sill, some baskets for organization and texture, and I actually bought some new soaps and I just so happened to buy a new Rae Dunn loaf pan, etc. Ultimately I feel so much better about our kitchen and I love spending time in here now. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are having a great day!


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