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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Exciting News, and Happy Easter

I couldn’t believe I was saying that we were selling our house- now I can’t believe that I am able to say it sold in one day!! The people that bought it had made the offer on the home before they had even seen it in person. I mean I wanted it to sell quickly, but man 1 day feels really quick. I am super thankful! Now we are in full house hunting mode. The market is just so crazy here that houses are literally flying off of the market. We have already lost two houses that we put an offer on because other people bid more.

Thankfully, I am not too worried about which house we will find to make our new home. I am enjoying this house hunting process though because it is so fun looking at different styles of homes and seeing how people style them.

For now I am just going to enjoy this home while we are still in it, and get this home spring ready. We just celebrated Easter at church and then here, and I was so glad I had the opportunity to host my family and some close friends one more time in this home!

I had no idea what I was going to serve for food so I hopped on over to good ole' Pinterest, it is my go to when I need a meal plan. And, of course it didn't fail me.

I am already feeling behind on my packing because I had a little road bump this week. Our golden retriever, Autumn, snuck out of our fence and someone called the Humane society which I was thankful for because I at least knew she was safe. She had to stay the night, and I picked her up the next morning. It was not a fun experience, it was frightening not knowing where my pup was. I am so thankful she is safe and sound at home now! For the Humane Society I had to show them a picture of Autumn so I dug up this one from Booker, TX. I really loved that kitchen, and miss my bowling lane counter tops, and Kohler farmsink.

Here is a little photo to reminisce about that kitchen. For more on this kitchen I have a blog post all about the renovation, and the before and afters that I still like to go and look at.

I finally got around to adding some spring touches to our home. Aka I was a decorating crazy lady at 1 am Saturday night before Easter. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! 
Hosting Easter was a nice motivation to get goin'! I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!!

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