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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DIY Convenient Cup Holder

I am always trying to think of ways to decorate my house where things look cute, but they are still convenient and functional. This diy is just that! I made this three palette board from a palette that I took apart this summer. I just painted the boards white and connected them in the back. You could make this project with one big board or even with just one long piece of wood. Just do the same following steps.

As well as the board you will need some nails (I used size 16x1) , a hammer, and your favorite coffee cups!

Decide where you want your nails to go. I did 5 and I staggered them with two on the top and three on the bottom. Just don't do so many that the cups won't fit. Once you have the nail placements where you want them go ahead and nail them in. Nail them at an angle. You want them to be able to hold your cup without them falling.

Once you have all of your nails hammered in go ahead and hang your board up.

Then put your cups on it! I love my new white cups. You guys! These cups were only $0.88 a piece. I can't believe it because I love how crisp and white they are. They make my kitchen feel so open and clean.

This diy Cup Holder is the perfect addition to our little coffee bar. I am thinking about writing coffee on the top board, but I haven't decided if I want to or not. What do you guys think?

Also, if you don't feel like making this yourself then you can order a custom cup holder from my Etsy shop, Adelerella!

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