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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Prayer to my Babies

Dear Beautiful Babies,
Dear baby that I already have and dear babies that I have not had yet. You are the best treasure on this Earth that I will ever receive. You have and will bless my life so much. You make me grow everyday. You make me want to die to myself so that I can love you more. I pray that you will be born with a huge place in your heart for Jesus, that will only grow everyday. I pray that you will be born knowing and will forever know that Jesus loves you. I pray that you will be born knowing and will always know that your daddy and I will always love you, and that our love for you will grow more and more everyday. I pray that you will let God use you to love Him and to love others- where ever your mission field will be. In a classroom, on the court, in a doctor's office, wherever He wants you to be to share His love. Even though I do pray that will be close to your mama and daddy! I pray that you will always know where your identity comes from, and that you will draw your confidence from that knowledge that you were beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of Jesus Christ. I pray that you will be truly blessed!

Know I pray for your father and I to know how to raise you and how we are supposed to mold you!To put the fear of God in you. To teach your to listen and obey. To be the best you that you were born to be. To love God and to love others. I pray that we will know what activities to put you into to prepare your abilities.

And lastly, I can not wait to see you bloom and blossom in your walk on this Earth and in your walk with God. And I thank you God that you hear me and know my heart, and that you care about the small things in my life. And I want to give you God a BIG THANK YOU  for blessing Shane and I with the beautiful baby we have and the beautiful babies you already know and will give us.


This is my prayer that I constantly am praying. I wanted to share it with you to encourage you to pray for your babies, even the ones that you haven't even had yet.

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