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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ItsJudyTime Recommendation-First Impression and GIVEAWAY!!!

I heard about this product, the Wet N Wild lip stain in Think Pink, on ItsJudyTime. I show you guys my first impression in the video!
I was watching ItsJudyTime, and she talked about this product in one of her videos so I thought I would try it out! I love it so much I had to get you guys one! Who doesn't need a matching nail polish?

Watch my video to see what I thought about the product, and to learn how to enter into the giveaway!

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In this video the first song is "Partly Sunny (Instrumental)", and the second song is "Everday is the same thing (instrumental)". They are both Rock Beat Radio creations.

 Have you watch my previous video? I made a use Ross haul!

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