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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Homemade Bottle Lamp

I have been seeing bottle lamps around on blogs, and in stores, and I have fallen in love with them. The bottle alone is so vintage and wonderful, but when you make it a lamp and get a great shade to match with it, it is pretty special. I have to give a shout out to my mom for finding me this lamp shade. It matches perfectly with the one from my entry way I showed you guys in this blog.
I got to go to Target in the big city (woohoo) all by myself. Let me say that again, all by myself! It was wonderful; I took my time and walked around pretty much every isle. I love just seeing what is out there. It is so weird that I barely ever see what is in Target and even bigger Walmart's when I used to go to Target and Walmart and other places atleast twice a week when I lived in the city. It does make it more special when I do get to go though, which I like.

See my Target goodies in the back!
Stay tuned for my vlog about my Target Haul. Coming soon!
While I was at Target I saw this beautiful bottle that was on sale! I seriously couldn't believe it was on sale. I have been keeping my eyes open whenever I go to antique stores or thrift stores to find a great-cheap bottle that was perfect to use to make a bottle lamp. So when I ran across this one I was thrilled.
What you need to make a bottle lamp is the bottle you want to use and a lamp making kit (these are usually called bottle lamp kit) and of course you need some Cadbury chocolate, right!?
If you find a lamp that fits with the lamp in your bottle lamp kit that is perfect. However, mine did not. Thankfully my Grandpa is an engineer (like designed the Olympic torch engineer), and was happy to help me figure something out. He had this box full of block circles. We found one that almost fit but was a little bit to big so I had to sand it down a bit. If your bottle lamp kit fits then just follow the directions on the kit.
It is seriously so easy! I found some of these bottle lamps at Target that were like $55. I spend $15 on the bottle and $6 on the bottle lamp kit. A total of 21 dollars and I actually like it better then the one at Target.
I still am searching for the perfect lamp shade, I am thinking about making one!
Picture Walk
The box of black things
I grinded it like this for awhile until my grandpa configured the bottom picture.
Just screw everything on the end.
And shove it into the bottle, and you have a beautiful bottle lamp!
I am so thankful for my Grandpa! This is in one of his sheds that he works 
in on my grandparent's farm.
I just got this new buffet, and always love having a new decorating station! I am still looking for a lamp shade, but wanted to show you guys anyways! I love how it adds a sophisticated yet vintage feel.

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