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Friday, August 9, 2013

Morning Smoothie

I was having a difficult time coming up with health breakfasts that were easy to make and not to time consuming. We started doing a whole foods plant based diet. We have been eating salmon and a little bit of chicken. We are cut out white flower and oil. One time I tried making corn meal pancakes. It wasn't to bad actually, but definitely not something you want to eat everyday. Potato cubes with seasoning is really good for breakfast. Definitely, fruit and vegetables prepared in anyway is good. Whole wheat tortillas heated on a skillet with peanut butter, banana, and honey is really good! And of course there are healthy cereals. 

Now that summer is ending and my husband is starting a masters degree and I am doing student teaching for six weeks I have been thinking of something easy that I could make everyday easily that didn't take very much time. Smoothies are the answer to my problem! They are so easy and SO good for you! You get your servings of fruit and vegetables. They make you feel so energized and ready for the day!

For this smoothie I used two bananas, one peach, one apple, about a cup of broccoli, about 1/4 Mango Lemonade juice, and ice. This picture is before I put the juice and ice in. *Just a tip-put the softer ingredients in first and put the harder stuff on top.

This is the blender I use. It was $45 from Wal-Mart. It had worked really well for us. Use the ice crush at the end and it will give your smoothie a nice smoothie texture. 

After I blended it! These next pictures are what I did with my smoothie. I put a serving in my cup, and still had a ton left so I decided to try out my new Popsicle maker. Then after I filled my Popsicle filler I still had more so I poured the rest into  into my ice cube maker. I figure later Whenever I want a smoothie I can just pop them put and blend them. Or I can just crab am ice cube for a snack. One of the below pictures is of the juice I use, it is organic and I bought six of them on sale at Dillons. They were two for 3 dollars. 

This is from Pinterest and really helped me
figure out what proportions I should use.

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